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Episode #2 w/ Kevin Indig: How to Lead a Team While Staying Productive and Dealing with Conflict

👉 Go to http://growthreport.ch to receive all future episodes on growth marketing and personal leadership. Read Kevin Indig’s CV, and you cannot fail to be impressed! He’s the current SEO Lead at Shopify and has previously held the same title at companies such as G2, Searchmetrics, Atlassian, and Dailymotion, amongst others. Despite having a demanding job and a team of 30, Kevin is very in tune with maintaining his energy levels and ensures that as well as working hard he also takes time out to relax. He has developed an impressive mindset that allows him to see pain as a teacher, which he uses to help him reflect, adapt, learn, and manage his team. But our conversation wasn’t just about how he keeps himself passionate and motivated and in control of his mental health. We also talked about his previous role at G2, setting company and personal goals, and the major skills that all marketers should have.

Episode #1: Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is the former CEO and Co-Founder of MOZ and is currently building his next company SparkToro. He became famous through his video series Whiteboard Friday and has recently published the bestseller book "Lost and Founder," where he exposes the often brutal reality that lies behind the glorified startup life. In my conversation with him, Rand discussed his previous failures and what he learned from them. We also talk about when hiring an agency makes sense and why building the right product is a prerequisite for effective marketing.

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