#19: Joei Chan, How to build and scale your content marketing operations

Joei Chan is the brand and content director at 360 Learning, a collaborative learning platform for companies. Before this, Joei led content efforts for well over six years at five different startups. She's also the main protagonist of the Webby Award-winning docu-series called onboarding Joei, an unscripted B2B marketing reality show. We discuss marketing strategies, including organic social media campaigns, co-marketing, content marketing, and hiring the right person for the job.
Topics Discussed:
  • Using your skills for a new role
  • Learning how to delegate
  • Creating brand guidelines for content
  • How marketing teams are built and scaled
  • 360 Learning’s current main content distribution channels
  • How to manage organic engagement on social media
  • Co-marketing and how to use it in your business
  • Learning to say no to people

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