From First Marketing Hire to Chief Growth Officer w/ Nadya Khoja, Chief Growth Officer at Venngage

My guest today is Nadya Khoja, the Chief Growth Officer at Venngage. She talks about her journey from being the first marketing hire to five years later leading a team of 10+ marketers as part of the executive team.

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My guest today is Nadya Khoja, the Chief Growth Officer at Venngage, a SaaS software to create Infographics online.
She has actually started her marketing career at Venngage when it was only a small startup with no traction and has worked her way up from the first marketing hire, to building and leading a team as Head of Marketing and is now Chief Growth Officer and part of the management team.
Nadya is also an avid writer and speaker on marketing topics and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The Next Web, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Wired, and CBC News.

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01:23 - Nadyas Journey from One-Man-Show to Chief Growth Officer
08:50 - A Managers’ Bottleneck Problem
11:50 - Ownership and Accountability
14:17 - Hacks and Experiments vs. Strategies
17:10 - Challenges and Fuckups
19:17 - Communication and One-On-One Meetings
22:26 - Advice to Nadyas past Self
23:32 - Analytical Ability: The Metaskill for Marketers
26:22 - On Feeling like an Imposter as a Manager
30:58 - Nice Managers vs. Effective Managers 
33:23 - Internal Collaboration between Departments
35:56 - How the Venngage Marketing Team is Structured
38:24 - About Venngage as a Company
41:14 - Education Resources for Marketing Leaders
44:16 - What Nadya is looking for in a new Hire
48:03 - How Nadya Executes Good Ideas
49:24 - About Personal Branding
50:54 - Marketing Channels that Currently work
51:52 - Product Marketing
53:33 - How Nadya is Finding the Right People to Contact
54:53 - Favorite Resources and Books
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